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Small Town Tourism Chat - Hosted by Union Gap

Small Town Tourism Chat - Hosted by Union Gap

Join us on Twitter the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2:30pm PST/5:30pm EST for our #SmallTownTourismChat. It’s a fast and furious 30 minute chat about tourism with 6 questions that has attracted communities, travel writers, travel bloggers, those that like to travel and more from North America and the world. Recognized as a "Top Twitter Chats for Travel Bloggers" on

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What Others are Saying About Small Town Tourism Chat

@SmTownPlusSize - #SmallTownTourismChat is the best way to discover small-town charm. It helps us find fun new places to explore culture, history, and food. Each chat we find something unique and exciting to add to our travel list. For us, the Twitter chat is a highlight every month and we always discover somewhere inspiring that we need to visit!

@TaitandKate - I love #STTC. I always learn something, or get a grand idea for events or promos, and always find somewhere new to add to my gotta-go-there list!

@IBBtravel"Isn’t it amazing? @UnionGapWA has something special here. I’m so glad I could be a small part of it! #SmallTownTourismChat"

@TourismCurrents"It was a VERY active chat – kudos to you for growing it. We know it’s hard for chats to get traction."

@Old96Tourism"Thx @UnionGapWA for the shout out! Appreciate you folks & all you do to get the word out about the ‘rural gems’ of America. Salute!"

@STWI2020"If you love visiting small towns, talking about small towns, want to go to a small town or was born and raised in a small town like we were, then don’t miss out on the #SmallTownTourismChat the 3rd Wednesday of each month hosted by @UnionGapWA! You’ll thank me later!! #SmallTownBigHeart"

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