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Skateland - Skating Fun For Everyone, Parties & More

10/1/2019 - 12/31/2019

Location: 2506 Old Town Road

Rent the VIP Room together with Skateland or Separately for your special day!
General Information
---Christian Music Night: 3rd Monday of Every Month; Featuring Contemporary Christian Music. 6:30-9:00, $7.95

---Wednesday: ...
Wednesday Bargain Night; Money Bowl Drawing. 6:30-9:00, $7.95

---Friday Evening: Roll 'n Rock Night; 4 Hour Mega-Session. 7:00-11:00, $9.50

---Saturday Afternoon: 3 Hour Session; Great for Kids & Families! 1:30-4:30, $8.50

---Saturday Evening: Chance Night Drawing; 4 Hour Mega-Session. 7:00-11:00, $9.50

---Sunday: 3 Hour Session; Great for Kids & Families! 1:30-4:30, $8.50

---Tiny Tots (children renting sizes 6-13 in children's rental skates) may skate any of the above sessions for only $6.50 Children's rental sizes 6-10 require a photo ID card to be held at rental counter while skates are in use. In-line skates rent for $1.50 extra. No extra charge for regular quad skate rental. Prices include sales tax.

---Schedule and prices are subject to change without notice. Parent spectators only. No personal checks please! Please call 575-6442 for dress code and other information.

---REMEMBER, birthdays are great when you skate at Skateland. Check out our birthday party plans. Skateland is also available for private skating parties for schools, churches, PTA's, businesses, organizations, etc.

---For more information, and reservations call (509) 575-6446
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Public Transit
Yakima Transit stops by Miner's Drive-In, about 300 yards away.

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