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Asparafest! in Union Gap - Asparagus Mania


May 14-15, 2022

Union Gap Restaurants and Farm Stands

Asparafest! celebrates our local restaurants and fruit stands that offer asparagus!

On Asparafest! weekend you can also enjoy a few special items such as the asparagus burger at Pepp'rmint Stick Drive-In or battered asparagus from Majors Restaurant. Plus, you will find award winning Asparagus and Pepper-jack Cheese Tamales at Los Hernandez Tamales and additional asparagus items at Kim's Got Smoke BBQ, Old Town Pump Saloon and even asparagus rolls at New York Teriyaki.

Asparafest! Weekend Specials May 15-16

Enjoy these Amazing and Delicious Asparagus Features All Season!

Fresh Asparagus Available All Season

If you love asparagus - come enjoy! Book a hotel in Union Gap and try all the options, and stop by the Valley Mall Farmers Market on Saturday(starting 5/21) in the Valley Mall parking lot! Find a hotel that fits your needs and is conveniently located near all the participating restaurants

All event information subject to change.

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